How To End Your Year Off Clean With Waste Removal

End year off clean with waste removal

It’s coming to that point of the year, when it’s time to wrap up 2017 on a good note and start prepping for how to go into 2018 with a bang! It’s important to have some actionable new year’s resolutions on how to be bigger, better, and improve the next year. Much like this, it’s also as crucial to understand what you can do for your business to start your 2018 off clean. Waste removal and waste management services are perfect ways to literally get your business in tip top shape!

Performing a waste audit

A key step in waste removal is to first understand the amount of waste you’re dealing with. You can start by getting your teams together and understanding which department is responsible for what types of waste and the quantities involved. This differs from business to business but it pays to take a systematic approach and purely understand how much waste your business produces.

Assigning someone in charge of waste management services

In order to make the most of your waste removal efforts, it’s worth assigning someone in charge of auditing and managing the process of removing the waste or assigning it to a specialist waste management company like Clean Dot Waste.

Finding the right company for your waste removal

We’ve written about how to find the right company for your waste management services needs before as this is an important part of the process. Ensuring the company you choose is reliable, capable of meeting your needs and sustainable in their practices.

Making waste removal a major part of your business

If your company is one that is producing a lot of waste that needs to be managed, it is your duty to the community and environment to ensure that the waste removal is not only taken care of in a sustainable and legal fashion, but is made a priority in the operations of your business.

What can Clean Dot Waste do for your company?

Clean Dot Waste provides a lot of different waste management services to help with your waste removal needs. We have years of experience managing waste from big corporations and municipalities. Our expertise means we can handle any waste removal both fast and efficiently for your business.

We have vacuum trucks, capable to consuming large amounts of dry and wet waste. This allows us to be mobile and remove waste from different locations as needed.

For processing plants, waste collection areas and locations that contain hazardous materials our high pressure water jetting service is more than capable of restoring these areas back to clean and hygienic states.

If you have septic tanks on site we provide drainage, disposing contents of the full tanks and replacing their decomposition bacteria.

We provide skip bin and skip truck hire services that are capable of removing all types of waste from your sites such as building rubble, hazardous waste, and other general excess. We can even drop of skip bins and come and collect them once they’re fill!


We hope this article has provided some much needed motivation to end your year off clean and waltz into 2018 with a fast and efficient plan on how to handle your waste removal. Get in touch with us at Clean Dot Waste and we’d be happy to give you a free quote!

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