How To Find Right Company To Assist With Your Food Waste Removal and Disposal.

Food Waste

If you’ve been dealing with your food waste for a while now you’ll understand fully what a time consuming and important process it can be. Since waste removal is something that cannot be avoided, it’s worth looking into external companies who specialise in helping restaurants remove their excess food waste.

This however, also comes with its own stresses, with there being many companies to choose from it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for your restaurant. In this article, we’ll be taking you through some key factors to consider when making the choice on who to let handle your food waste.

How Capable is The Company at Waste Removal?

There are many different types of waste management, each with their own list of best practices and processes to follow. With this in mind it’s important for your restaurant to pick a waste removal company that understands the specific needs that go into managing food waste removal.

You can do this by enquiring as to what restaurants use their services and also into what their exact process is for managing waste. A completely transparent relationship is vital here to ensure a sustainable and environmentally sound company is being chosen.

Can They Remove Different Types of Waste?

Are you looking at a company that strictly deals with food or is able to handle waste of other kinds that are often incurred in restaurants such as oil, takeaway containers etc. Finding a company that can deal with these types of waste as well is a good decision as it consolidates the process even further and allows you to leave no stone unturned when actioning your food waste strategy.

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Are They Certified to Remove Waste?

The last thing you need on your mind is having to worry about the legal compliance of the waste management company you’ve just hired. This is why it should be a mandatory question on whether or not the company is legally above board when it comes to matters of meeting requirements for waste disposal, landfill operating and other factors.

How Reliable is The Company at Food Waste Removal?

If you’re concerned about the turnaround times and general reliability of the company its well within your interest as a restaurant to ask for references or testimonials from happy clients of the company which allows you to verify the quality of their service. These are things that are best known early or before dedicating to using a certain company as it mitigates future risk.

Is The Company Sustainable?

Waste removal of food waste is a very important process which means it is something that needs to be handled by a company that is sustainable and understands how to remove of waste whilst still being ethical with regards to the environment and surrounding communities.

Waste removal companies often get into hot water for their unsustainability methods, however this has changed in recent years with more regulation on the industry.

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There are many companies out there that handle waste removal, but none quite like us. We’re happy to discuss all of the points we brought up in this article with you to ensure your restaurant that we’re the best people for the job.

Get a quote with us and find out how Clean Dot Waste can help make your restaurant run a lot smoother!

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