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Hazardous waste removal

We provide an environmentally friendly, integrated and legally compliant hazardous waste removal service.

This ranges from advice on neutralisation technologies, through to the selection of the best available option for the safe disposal of hazardous waste. Safety and compliance with government and local regulations is top priority in the removal of these hazardous materials. We offer our clients peace of mind that their hazardous waste streams have been professionally transported, disposed and treated in the most environmentally friendly manner.

We remove and dispose of hazardous waste products including:

  • Mercury Containing Lamps
  • All contaminants such as PPE, water, soil, sawdust etc.
  • Hazardous chemicals collected from laboratories
  • Oil / Pit sludge
  • Batteries
  • Expired/Empty Paint Cans
  • Expired Products
  • Spent and spoiled cosmetics

Our hazardous waste removal team

Our disposal team has extensive experience in hazardous waste management and the removal of hazardous materials. We believe that no business or project is too small or too big for our team, and hiring a hazardous waste management company like us does not have to be unnecessarily expensive and time consuming. Contact us today to discuss the best solution for you.