How To Handle Waste Collection Effectively

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Managing waste collection effectively is one of the best ways to keep a clean business environment and continuously preventing waste on company premise. Build-ups of waste are not only displeasing to see, it can also quite easily be dangerous, unhygienic and have a negative effective on the environment and possibly employees.

Regarding hazardous waste the risk levels increase exponentially and it is vital that your company handles waste collection effectively for safety reasons. A result of slacking waste collection could be legal liability and accidents can take place very easily, so being prepared for dealing with waste products and having an efficient process in place is key.

Avoiding negative implications due to negligence should not, however, be your company’s motivation. A clean, well oiled machine is the reflection of a business that succeeds, a hygienic environment is obviously more inviting for guests, clients and will also boost morale in your team.

We recommend reading our article on developing a great waste management plan here as many of the steps in the plan will be immediately helpful regarding waste collection efficiency.

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A few tips for handling effective waste collection are:

  • Make sure you waste management plan as a whole is well in place.

This will make having an organized waste collection process so much easier and much more efficient. By having a solid waste management plan you will already have eliminated all waste items that do not need to be collected and so reducing the amount that needs to be collected regularly. The less waste you have the easier and more time efficient your collections process will be.

  • Recording waste collection volumes.

This next tip is a part of the a waste collection plan but is very important. You need to record how much waste you produce so that you can correctly store and facilitate collection of the amount of waste your produce.

  • Organization of business waste disposal.

Make sure, if needed, your waste is segmented into different types, create a system where your waste is handled as little as possible. This is a simple housekeeping rule, don’t let your waste collect in a disorganized manner, because your company’s time will be wasted moving waste once, and then a second time reorganizing it for collection. A very important thing that takes precedence is keeping differing hazardous materials separate from each other at all times. This is incredibly important for the safety of your staff, those collecting the waste, preventing potential damage to your business property and the environment.


  • Procure a great waste management company.

One of the best things your company can do is invest in a good waste collection company to help regulate and handle your waste collection. The benefits are many, which I will list below for you to read.


Benefits of using a waste disposal company for your waste collection:

  • You can manage your time more efficiently – lots of waste comes with lots of time and reducing this will save you money and allow you to spend time on money on resources that can grow your company. A waste management company can save you even more time
  • Improve health and safety maintenance – this is a direct result of having an efficient waste collection process, and even more so by leveraging the expertise of a company that specialises in waste disposal.
  • You can take advantage of other waste management services – when you hire a team of professionals to take care of your waste collection, a company like Clean Dot Waste can also help you take care of waste related tasks for you such as; recycling, waste management services, skip hire and much more. It becomes much more cost effective when you procure a company is equipped to give you with a number of services that you might need as opposed to hiring from multiple providers.
  • You increase environmental protection – professionals like Clean Dot Waste will make sure that any materials collected that can be recycled or reused, will be.
  • Improve your brand image and equity – using a professional service will result in levels of positive environmental practices that you can use very much to your advantage when communicating with local communities, clients and the public. Improving your company’s green reputation is valuable, especially with the critique of businesses that negatively impact the environment increasing and the support, including tax exemptions, of businesses that are environmentally friendly.
  • The more effort you put in the easier it becomes – A dedicated waste service won’t only remove materials in a timeous fashion, you will have the means to analyse and strategically improve your waste management processes, with their advice, to optimize it completely. Optimization comes hand-in-hand with consistent implementation of high level waste management becoming easier, more cost effective and more efficient.

We hope you found this helpful, ask for a quote to see just how much your business’ handling of waste can be improved.

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