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Food waste management

We specialise in waste disposal and management for clients in the food manufacturing and food and beverage industries including manufacturers, restaurants and hotels.

Restaurant food waste management

It is essential for restaurants remain clean to create a pleasant environment for diners. Untidy rubbish bins not only create health hazards, but they can also impact the perception customers have of your establishment. That is why we provide a specially tailored restaurant food waste management and disposal service.

Hotel food waste disposal

Hotels have very high standards and expectations for cleanliness. We will assess and evaluate the waste and device a process that works best for your needs and ensure that our service is prompt and agile. Because of the nature of your business, we take cleanliness as serious as you do, if not more.

Food manufacturer waste disposal

Food manufactures generate a lot of waste in food packaging and manufacturing materials. Disposing of food waste landfill areas is becoming more expensive, and that is why a recycling programme can be a viable option. Due to our vast network of clients in the food manufacturing industry, we understand your needs and can work with you to create a tailored solution that helps you manage the waste and still not compromise the bottom line.

Recycling services

We help our clients to bring into effect the requirements stipulated in the National Environmental Management Act (Act 59 of 2008). We provide a complete and comprehensive recycling strategy – Onsite Recycling Management Solution. We will come and collect the recyclable material from your place of business and take it to the relevant depos. You will not even have to worry about sorting through the waste yourself, leave that to the experts.

Your partner in food waste management

When you partner with us, you are partnering with a reliable, cutting-edge service provider. Above all, we aim to simplify your life and ensure that waste is managed responsibly and promptly. Contact us today to enquire about our restaurant waste management service.