Why Is Restaurant Waste Disposal So Important?

Restaurant Food Waste

Let’s face it: environmental conservatism is a sustained trend all around the world. Eco-friendly practices aren’t just practices that make you feel clean and whole; when your business takes advantage of them, they maximize your profits. As an example, with proper waste disposal, restaurant managers can spend less on food that will surely be tossed and retain a greater portion of each day’s earnings. The world produces waste; that is unavoidable. However, your business has the choice between paying for waste and profiting from it. Proper disposal companies like Clean Dot Waste are a medium allowing you to do the latter. For the last six years, Clean Dot Waste has used sustainable and efficient methods for safe waste disposal, and has encouraged the community to make responsible choices with its waste. 

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Economics and the Environment

Proper restaurant waste disposal is surprisingly unpopular despite its economic benefits. Perhaps the explanation for this phenomenon is simple: restaurant managers are too occupied to worry about what happens when food can no longer be listed on a bill. Yet, food wasted is money wasted unless the proper steps are taken. Think about it…on average, 20% of the food a restaurant purchases is thrown away for various reasons. However, proper portioning for each customer, combined with a comprehensive recycling system provided by a professional company, can mean less materials purchased and greater savings. 

Why Is All This Waste a Problem?

A busy restaurant is the perfect site for an accident. Plates of cooked food drop on the floor. Orders get mixed up. Something overcooks. Food waste builds up quickly, and not all of it can be disposed of easily. Basic science tells us that oil and water do not mix, meaning that oil can sit in your drain until it causes expensive plumbing issues that can paralyze your business. Spoiled meat in a trash bin attracts wildlife that carry diseases. From an economic, as well as sanitary, perspective, proper restaurant waste disposal is a necessity for a healthy establishment and staff. However, not every method of disposal has a sustainable approach. While throwing a bag into a dumpster puts the trash out of sight and out of mind, the trash still has a story as it goes through the next stage. It is important to use a company who, quirky as it might sound, cares for the well-being of your trash after you seal the bag and toss it aside. 

When Decomposed Food is Harmful

When restaurant managers hire a professional disposal company like Clean Dot Waste, they are acting responsibly to ensure that their food waste avoids a landfill. Such a simple action doesn’t sound heroic, but look at it this way: food that sits in a landfill releases methane into the atmosphere as its particles break down. Methane is considered one of the most menacing greenhouse gases; for example, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has determined that “the comparative impact of methane is more than twenty-five times greater than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period”. Multiple sources have already concluded that greenhouse gases wear away at that precious ozone layer protecting us from a good portion of the sun’s most harmful rays, so the less methane, the healthier. 

When Decomposed Food is Helpful

Instead of guaranteeing scraps a future as a greenhouse gas, food can either be composted or be put through anaerobic digestion. The former turns food waste into “a nutrient-rich soil amendment,” and the latter puts food waste through an organic break-down process that blocks products from being released into the atmosphere. Essentially, the food that you cannot use in a restaurant has a second chance either as compost or as a natural energy source known as “biogas”. Imagine contributing unwanted bits of meat to a biogas company simply by adding a medium like Clean Dot Waste. 

The Benefits of Using Clean Dot Waste

It has been widely observed that most restaurant companies neglect to explore ways to cut back on waste and maximize profits. Luckily, disposal companies answer all the complicated questions so that you can focus on excellent food, service, and a robust business. Clean Dot Waste provides a simple, comprehensive solution with six years of hands-on experience and excellent mindfulness of environmental conservatism. It helps businesses adhere to guidelines stipulated in the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) (Waste Act No. 59 of 2008). With assistance from a professional disposal company, your restaurant can avoid fines typically issued when the standards of NEMA are not upheld. Additionally, Clean Dot Waste is passionate about providing restaurants with a sustainable recycling strategy and encouraging basic food conservation techniques. 

What Sets Clean Dot Waste Apart?

Clean Dot Waste is committed to offering its services to any person or group seeking the removal of wet or dry waste. It does not merely pick up the waste; it will provide bins, sanitize the area after waste removal, and ensure that any materials that can be recycled are disposed of properly. This company is:
• Streamlined
• Progressive
• Eco-Friendly
• Versatile
• Low-Cost 

Clean Dot Waste has an attitude for both professionalism and improvement; its approach is malleable to fit each client’s needs and priorities. Though the company operates on concrete experience, it is eager to apply newly proven methods that maximize the potential of proper waste disposal. 

Ease Your Budget, and Your Trashcans

Clean Dot Waste gives your establishment the opportunity to focus more on your customers and less on what they leave behind. You will maximize your business potential and enjoy a clean kitchen knowing you made a low-cost, high-return investment in the community’s overall health and sustainability. 

“We provide a reliable service that gives management peace of mind.” 

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