What is waste management in the shortest form!

Waste management means collecting, transporting, processing, recycling and monitoring of the waste materials. The term waste management generally relates to those materials which are produced by human activity and is usually undertaken to reduce the effect of these activities on their health and environment. Waste management is also useful to recover useful resources from the waste. Waste management involves all solid, liquid and gaseous or radioactive substances which are managed with different methods and expertise is required for each of them. Waste management practices are different for different countries of the world be it developed or developing nations. The management is different for urban and rural areas, for residential and industrial waste producers. Management of residential and institutional waste in cities and metros is done by the local government authorities or what we call as Municipal Corporation, while management of non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste is done by the generator of such waste.Free Waste Management Quote CalculatorLandfill- Disposing of waste in a landfill involves burying the waste under the ground which is a common practice in most countries of the world. Landfills are often established in abandoned or unused quarries, borrow pits or mining voids. If a landfill is properly designed and well-managed it can become a hygienic and relatively inexpensive method of disposing of waste materials. Landfills which are older, poorly designed or poorly managed create a number of adverse environmental impacts like attraction of vermin, wind-blown litter, and generation of liquid leach ate. A byproduct of landfills is gas which mostly comprises of carbon dioxide and methane, which is produced as and when organic waste breaks down. This gas might kill surface vegetation, create odour problems, and is a greenhouse gas. Waste which is deposited is normally compacted to increase its stability and density, and is always covered to prevent attracting mice or rats. To extract the landfill gas many landfills have gas extraction systems installed. Gas is pumped out of the landfill using pipes which have holes and are flared off or burnt in a gas engine to generate electricity.