7 Steps For A Great Waste Management Plan

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A waste management plan is a predicate to making sure your business’s waste management is treated with the same due diligence as your production, supply chain and other facets that command a healthy and successful company. There are many ways to ensure your waste management plan is effective, so that all safety regulations are met, human and environment safety is optimal and a number of other key benefits that include; reducing landfill waste, harmful gases, you can diminish your company’s wastage footprint and save money.

A waste management company is one of the most useful ways to ensure you are creating and implementing the most effective waste management plan as well as saving you time with their experience and expertise. This is especially true and needed if your business produce highly toxic, dangerous or industrial waste, you’re definitely going to need professional services.

If your business isn’t taking waste management seriously yet, it should, because the government is going to and can force you into taking waste management measures in various ways. There are a number of legislations that your company will need to comply with regarding waste management – the below essential legislation are listed on the Clean Dot Waste website.


  • National Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998),
  • Environmental Conservation Act (Act 73 of 1989),
  • National Environmental Management: Waste Act (Act 59 of 2008),
  • National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998),
  • Hazardous Substance Act (Act 15 of 1973),
  • The National Waste Management Strategy,
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations, 1998,
  • Hazardous Biological Agents Regulations, 2001,
  • Health Act (Act 63 of 1977).


Essentially, the steps below are going to help you a written record of your goals and show you how to reach them, we hope you find these 7 steps for a great waste management plan useful.


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Step 1 – Waste audit

Before you can plan to deal with waste effectively you need to know what types of waste your company is producing and how much of each. Before waste disposal, record the quantity of the waste you are producing and segment your data into the different types that will vary depending on each business type – this is also important when deciding if you are going to need the services of a waste managment company.


Step 2 – Whose hands are getting dirty?

Understand who is currently in charge of managing company waste at an individual site level and a business whole. How efficient and effect are the current resources? Is there a smarter way you can be allocating time and doing a better job. This is where many companies find that using a good waste management company can save them further time, money and stress.


Step 3 – Waste management plan goals and objectives

Remember that your goal should be safety and environmental responsibility, business improvement and cost savings. However, the brand equity, community involvement and PR possibilities as a result of an effective waste management plan are very valuable and should not be overlooked.

  • Reduce

The best way to improve waste management is to start reducing how much your company produces. Look at your processes and ask if reduce usage of certain things here and there.

  • Reuse

We’ve found that that are always a large number of waste items  that can be reused quite easily. Reusing always seems like a task that is a lot of effort where in fact it can have large time saving, money saving and socially responsible impacts.

  • Recycle

Organic goods that can be recycled into compost that is great for gardens, depending on your business you may be able to use recycled organic materials to use within your own business saving money and producing environmentally beneficial byproducts. There are other materials that can be recycled, plastics and be recycled and used to make other items.

  • Recover

Take goods left over from specific projects and resell or donate them.

  • Energy recovery

This will not always be an option for your business – it includes recovering energy such as excess heat from manufacturing processes and using it elsewhere.

  • Dispose

Plan which locations you will dispose of your leftover waste, such as landfills, this is a last resort, and as is the whole point of your waste management plan, to be kept to a minimal.

Go through all the waste your business produces that you recorded earlier and run all of it through the list above.




Step 4 – Waste Management Companies

Research possible waste management companies that can help you optimise your waste management plan. These companies are growing in number and offer an invaluable service, the expertise and experience are in many ways essential to executing sufficient waste management. This is especially important if the waste your company produce is hazardous. Clean Dot Waste is a fantastic waste management service with years of experience in the industry and can handle general and domestic waste collection and recycling to hazardous waste collection and disposal.


Step 5 – Contracts

You should then analyse your internal waste management systems and contracts to account for the above services.


Step 6 – Internal

Communicate with your team exactly what changes are going to be made, why, and how each person needs to adjust to make sure the waste management plan runs smoothly and is supported by all staff.


Step 7 – Implementation and Monitoring

Now you need to implement the changes you have planned, the best way to do this will be in stages to make sure it is manageable and that each level of your plan is integrated into your business well. Another important reason to stagger implementation is to ensure you can monitor progress closely and change the goals you set that might have been unrealistic or too low at the time.

Hopefully this has been useful and you are now ready to create and roll out a fantastic waste management plan that will improve your business and the impact it has on people and the environment.

If you require any further guidance or consultation, contact Clean Dot Waste to get advice on the best way to approach waste management and for a quote for their great service.Free Waste Management Quote Calculator

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